Atlanta Tops Penske’s Moving Destination List (Again)

No, it’s not just in your head — more people are moving here! This week, Penske Truck Rental announced its annual list of top moving destinations within the U.S., and Atlanta takes the top spot for the sixth year in a row.


In a conversation with Penske corporate, they confirmed that their ranking includes Atlanta proper as well as the immediate metro area… We like to call that area OTP!

“Our own data, compiled from do-it-yourself moves across the country, mirror the country’s migration and areas of growth,” Don Mikes, Penske’s Senior Vice President of Rental, explained in a news release.

Caa8liNUMAUxNQiPenske Truck Rental’s 2015 top moving destinations, with previous year’s ranking in parentheses:

1. Atlanta (1)

2. Phoenix (4)

3. Tampa/Sarasota (2)

4. Dallas/Fort Worth (3)

5. Orlando (5)

6. Denver (7)

7. Houston (8)

8. Seattle (6)

9. Las Vegas (10)

10. Chicago (9)

We of course know that OTP is home to the most beautiful college campus in the world, our cities are the most educated, Woodstock was the only Georgia city to make Money Magazine’s list of best places to live, and our bucket list shows you the beautiful mix of nature, restaurants, and the arts.

So, this may be Scoop to the rest of the country, but we aren’t surprised people are moving to Atlanta and burbs!