Are you ready for some football?

For many people, there are 2 seasons of the year – football season and the countdown to football season! This isn’t just for the fans of football and the players, but also for the marching bands, cheerleaders, drill teams and everyone else who is involved with the game. We all are armchair referees, screaming for our team to win!

10644843_10152252874182617_2798567083777090644_nLocally, it’s a very exciting time for OTP’s Kennesaw State University. They are kicking off their football program bringing a whole new level of hype and excitement to college football for their students, parents of students, and alumni that live in this area. Let’s Go Owls as they have an intra squad scrimmage October 11 and just revealed their uniform look this week. Can we already say we are excited about 2015 and KSU football. We heard ticket sales may already be sold out!

Watching football, whether college or professional, has really taken on a life of it’s own. While it is a lot of fun to head out to some of the local sports bars to watch the game, sometimes watching at home with some of your fellow fans is a better way to see they game (plus, you control the remote!). Of course, for us girls who love to cheer for our team, much of the fun is in the extras that we do! And thanks to websites like Pinterest, you can find fun ideas for decorations, food and drinks for your football gathering.

Some fun ideas include:

-Cover your table in green or traditional brown craft paper. Add your own yard photo-2markers with white first aid tape to resemble a football field. No tape? Chalk will work too!

-Anything in Mason Jars. If you haven’t noticed, mason jars are all the rage, and using them to hold anything and everything will make you look like a seasoned decorator.

-Make footballs out of your food: Brownies, ice cream sandwiches, even deviled eggs can be “footballed” by adding some squeezable, white frosting to look like the laces of a pigskin. Super easy and fast, anyone can do it!

-Give everything a name! The easiest way to make you party table fun and festive is to make or print out some place cards and “name” the foods on your table. “Bulldog Burgers”, “Gator Grub”, “Touchdown Taco Dip” are just a couple of ideas, but you can get creative. We had “interception” ice cream , “bowl game” brownies, “pigskins” in a blanket at our party.   We even named the drink, “Punt Return” punch!

One creative idea we saw and re-used (we don’t have to think of everything originally) is using yellow napkins and calling them penalty flags.

logo Last but not least, you want to dress the part. Here are some Scoop Approved OTP online shops for you. For the ladies, Dress U specializes in game-day wear and for the guys, we just discovered Bulldogs and Bowties specializing in frat-boy style clothes that have team colors, and of course, a Bulldog as it’s logo.

So whether you are sitting in the bleachers cheering on your child, or glued to the TV watching the NFL from a comfy recliner, if you love football season, nothing compares to the feeling you get this time of year. So sit back, enjoy, and may the best team win!