Yummy Yoon Sushi

For as long as I can remember, I have been dining at Yoon Sushi in Canton. Located in the Publix shopping center off of Exit 14 from 575, this restaurant is truly a hidden gem.

It started with girls’ night and Yoon’s Yami Yami Maki with tuna, salmon, sea bass, and crab stick that is deep fried goodness — so good, in fact, that we call it Yummy Yummy Maki. Of course, anything deep fried is excellent and therefore counteracts the whole healthy aspect of eating raw sushi, but we love it!

Nowadays my kids crave sushi too, so off to Yoon we go. From Yoon’s rainbow rolls, to their traditional California rolls, to their Unagi, and their specialty rolls, we are never disappointed.

If you haven’t introduced your children to sushi yet, you can ease them in with chicken teriyaki and a California roll, which has crab, cucumber, and avocado, although my daughter asks for no avocado, which the staff is happy to do. The kids also seem to love edamame: peas in a pod!


And if you’re chopstick inept, don’t worry — the chopsticks have a helpful tool to make them easier to use.

lWith koi fish swimming under the ledge of the bar, Yoon has an eccentric and unique ambiance. The chefs are front and center, and you can see all the fish they use in the sushi laid out on the bar. Everything is very clean and sleek; they had a rating of 99 when we ate there in January 2014.

Even through a recent management change, Yoon’s quality and taste remains excellent. And the new owners have upgraded their wine selection, which now includes Kendall Jackson.

I brought my friend from Miami to Yoon, and she said that the quality rivals her favorite Florida sushi restaurant. So visit Yoon, and tell them Scoop sent you.

130 Prominence Point Pkwy
Suite 110
Canton, Georgia 30114  
(770) 720-1663