What is Wellness Life Management?

Do you want to make a positive change in your wellness, health and life satisfaction? My name is Deb Kent and I’m here to help you.

First of all, what is this buzzword “wellness?” Traditionally, it has meant the absence of disease or disability. This is a limited definition in that it suggests one cannot live well while living with health or life challenges. Recently there has been new thinking in this area. Today wellness moves beyond the traditional definition of health and wellness. I like to think of wellness as the level of satisfaction in multiple Wellness_Life_Management_logo_correct2dimensions of life, and I can assist you in meeting and exceeding your goals.

Wellness includes our lifestyle, careers, relationships, spiritual beliefs and health. Certainly, we have all had our ups and downs in each and every dimension as we journey through life. Wellness is an ongoing dynamic process which includes self-awareness and making successful choices. This is where coaching can make a difference — this is where I can help you.

When you hear the term coaching, think of having a personal mentor. Generally most people know what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle. We all understand we are supposed to watch our weight, follow doctor’s orders and exercise. This is not new information, yet many have struggled to actually make these changes. It is tough to do this by yourself. The difference in working with a coach is that now you are not alone. I will be there to assist, coach, and mentor you. To create your wellness plan, contact me at wellnesslifemanagement@gmail.com or 404-436-1244.


I will partner with you to create a plan based on your unique strengths, abilities and past successes. I can prioritize the areas to work on, help identify potential obstacles, and provide support. I will work with you to design your distinctive wellness vision and plan. Working together means you have an accountable partner who listens and guides you in goal setting and becoming your “best self.” You are unique; there is no one size fits all plan. I am ready to help you discover and reach your wellness goals.

Everyone can benefit from coaching and it can be used in a variety of settings:

  • Individuals who are ready to make changes in their lives
  • Anyone overwhelmed by the amount of information available on becoming healthy
  • People living with daily health challenges (for example: diabetes or hypertension)
  • Small businesses looking to reduce costs and comply with the Affordable Healthcare Act
  • Group coaching for individuals who qualify

Deb Kent’s career includes more than 20 years in the medical field and allied health education. She  received training through Wellcoaches School, the only wellness coaching program recognized by the American College of Sports Medicine. Her experience, training and degree in Applied Behavioral Science provide a solid foundation for coaching. To create your wellness plan, contact her at wellnesslifemanagement@gmail.com or 404-436-1244. She welcomes any questions about your own challenges in wellness and enjoys hearing about your own definitions of wellness and how you integrate wellness into your life.