Walt Disney World Money-Saving Tips

If you are going to Walt Disney World anytime soon, you might like to know some good ways to save some money. There are many ways to make a Disney vacation more budget-friendly!

Travel When School is in Session
Disney resort prices are highest when the kids are out of school, either for the summer or for a holiday. Avoid these times! Many Georgia counties gives us two great opportunities each year to go to Disney when it is cheaper and less crowded: Fall and Winter Breaks. Historically, September is when Disney offers their Free Dining promotion; that’s a serious bonus!

Know Your Promotion
If you call Disney to book your vacation, they will not offer you a discounted rate; you have to know the promotion that you want. Otherwise you will be paying full price. A travel specialist can help you determine the best package for your family. We are happy to help you plan your vacation and will make sure the best available discount is applied to your vacation package. You can contact a Pixie through their Pixie Vacations website or by calling 678-815-1584.

Use the Disney Dining Plan
Dining Plans can save you up to 30% off of your food costs. They are easy and convenient to use. The plans are pre-paid, so it makes dining less stressful. To make the most of it, eat breakfast in your room, use a counter service credit for lunch, and a table credit for dinner. Also, pack additional snacks in a backpack before you hit the parks. Granola bars, crackers, fruit snacks, water bottles, juice pouches, and even chips and cookies are easy to pack up and take with you.

Buy Souvenirs Before You Go
If you are reading this, you are close enough to drive to WDW. Make a stop at a Wal-Mart or t-shirt shop near Disney. You will find ALL kinds of Disney souvenirs at nice discounts. Look for a light up toy too. Nighttime toys are very expensive at WDW and very hard to resist when you are under four feet tall! Buy your princess dress before you even go. Stop at the Dollar Store to get some Glo necklaces and bracelets. If pre-purchasing souvenirs is not your thing, save the shopping for the last day. This way everyone can browse the whole trip and evaluate what they really want to buy.

Buy 4-Day Park Tickets or More
Disney tickets get cheaper the more days you buy. The difference between 4 to 5 days is $21.30, 7 to 8 is $10.65 per person. If you have the time, go for it a their is so much to do!

Contact Pixie Vacations and we will put together a custom vacation package specific to your vacation needs.

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