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Scoop OTP, vinyl alubms, records, musicYes, I still have a box of albums in my basement. Looking back, I am not sure if I should be embarrassed of my music choices or proud. My album collection consists of the classic Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Off The Wall, the popular Men At Work Business As Usual, the controversial Culture Club Colour By Numbers, Neil Diamond’s legendary The Jazz Singer, and my first Rock and Roll concert that I was allowed to see by myself, Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell!

I had visions of a Pinterest project with framed albums in my basement, but meanwhile they have been sitting in a pile for 15 years since we moved OTP. Eons ago, my father worked for Columbia Records and I have a random collection of 45’s such as Paul Anka’s Puppy Love and Debbie Boone’s You Light Up My Life. What should I do with all these records?

I decided I could sell them and maybe make a little money. As soon as I have this brainstorm, I start to see record players everywhere! Could my records actually be used again in the age of technology and downloads? Should I buy a record player?

During my research of what to do with these albums, I came across this great article by Erika Childers. I got permission to rerun it from her and the Atlanta Music Guide, so Scoop OTP could share the best vinyl record stores OTP. Read it below!

Al Bum’s Record Shoppe in Acworth
541365_438388259587291_1262829561_nStarted by accident about 5 years ago in Acworth, Al Bum’s Record Shoppe is a gold mine for classic rock gems. Owner Mark, a master plumber by trade, first began Al Bum’s by getting rid of the doubles from his personal lot when he noticed the incredible popularity of his wares. Since then, he’s bought a storefront, expanded his collection, and now he’s even got a little room dedicated to equipment. And if you’re a fan of talking shop while you hunt, this is a great place to pick up some knowledge and some fresh pre-loved vinyl.

Mojo Vinyl Records in Roswell
Easily the most recommended shop on our list, Mojo Records’s guiding philosophy is “Listen naked”. They believe in enjoying music the way nature intended: “au naturale”. And we dig that. They’ve got just about everything you might need to make your listening experience a good one. The LP’s, especially the new stuff can be a little pricey, but that comes with the territory and can be offset by the special Wednesday Buy 2-Get One Free deal.

2nd & Charles in Kennesaw (Side note: Scoop has also reviewed 2nd & Charles)
We’ll start out by saying this place feels a little mainstream. It’s looks corportate-y, and it is (it’s a division of Books-A-Million), but since it’s  a small-chain consignment store, they’ve actually got a well-kept array of vinyl on hand. They buy and sell based on the condition and popularity of the product, so you’re not likely to find any first editions or rare pieces here, but there’s a wealth of new and used records on the fairly cheap. The store is clean and welcoming with tons of interesting things to check out even if the records don’t catch your fancy.

Rock Shop Music & Comics in Buford
156725_115701811830236_4119844_nThis place may not be ideal for you experienced vinyl connoisseurs, but for those of you who are just getting started in the big bad world of records Rock Shop is a great place to start fillin’ up your crate. Here you’ll find some of the most popular and biggest names on wax from Justin Timberlake to The Beatles. Mall-crawlers, comic readers, and tabletop game players alike will appreciate this place. Not to mention the super friendly staff. (They look a little intimidating, but I assure you they’re incredibly friendly and knowledgeable dudes.)

Once Possessed in Snellville
Antique stores are like the elderly of the material world; they’ve got stories to tell and so do the good people who run them. Once Possessed is run by a friendly Aussie named Martin who gets most of his loot from his enormous personal collection (upwards of 10,000 pieces!). He’s a seasoned purveyor of all things vintage and he’ll tell you that the one piece of vinyl every enthusiast should have on the shelf is Hawkwind’s 1971 album “In Search of Space”.

Sounds Good in Marietta
This elusive little shop is only open on Saturdays from 11:30a – 7pm, but boy is it worth it. The collection is surprisingly large boasting over 50,000 pieces focused heavily around LPs, but with a sizeable assortment of 45s and 78s as well. If you’re a rummager who enjoys the prowl, we recommend scheduling your entire Saturday around your trip here; you’ll be here for hours ooing and ahhing at the massive collection. If you prefer the in-and-out method, the staff here are well-versed and can tell you in a jiffy what they have and what they can get.

Decatur Estate & Way Back Antiques in Decatur
imgres-2We’ll be honest with you. The selection at Decatur Estate isn’t a large one, but it’s certainly a well-curated one. Chop, the dealer whose booth holds the most records (there were a couple other random ones scattered throughout the store), displays a wonderously inexpensive set of pearls to pick through. And the best thing about antique shops is that you’re almost always bound to find a few treasures (one man’s trash, am I right?). I stumbled upon some great turntables and tube amps, as well as some beautiful film cameras and interesting knick-knacks.

Kudzu Antique Market in Decatur
Consistently voted ‘Atlanta’s Best’ antique store since 1979, Kudzu has grown (see what we did there?) over the years into one of Atlanta’s most respected and beloved vintage home stores. It’s a 25,000-square foot vein with about 100 dealers who specialize in everything from paintings and vinyl to furniture and yard art. We know, it’s in Decatur so it’s not quite OTP, but it’s absolutely worth the trip inland if you can appreciate the thrill of the hunt.

Here is the original link to the article written July 23, 2014. If any information has changed, we apologize for those errors.  Thank you Erica for the research and article. For more about Erica, click here