New Kennesaw Retail Stores

Over the holidays, I had planned to pop into the retail store Blush, which used to be located next to Scoop Approved Heritage Outfitters and Marlow’s Tavern to grab a gift.

Unxpctd Scoop OTPTo my surprise, Blush was gone and Unxpctd, an upscale fashion closet for both men and women that has unique street wear was in its place.

I had a chance to speak to the owner Eric Holley (a Woodstock High School graduate), and love his vibe and vision for both his store and life. Read about the store’s inspiration here. Their grand opening is planned for mid February, so stay tuned for the scoop!

We found out that Blush is revamped as Eleven Lilies Boutique near Scoop Approved The Rotisserie Shop.

Eleven Lillies Scoop OTPTheir website is under construction, but click here to view their Facebook page. They carry some of the same brands as before, but have added new clothing lines and had both a good mix of both trendy and timeless pieces.

We wish both stores luck in their Kennesaw location! For more retail therapy suggestions, click here.

Eleven Lillies is located at 2615 George Busbee Pkwy Suite 11, Kennesaw, GA
Unxpct is located at 745 Chastain Rd Suite 1110, Kennesaw, GA