Upstairs at the Vineyard Cafe

Overlooking the historic Marietta Square is a restaurant called the Vineyard Cafe. I had 61404_10153061089100201_1565489696_nheard friends talk about this tea room in Marietta, but really, this is more than a tea room.

Located above their gift store, Vineyard Cafe is a great lunch spot for both men and women. Known for their made from scratch foods, they offer very hearty portions of delicious sandwiches ranging from their famous chicken salad to a chicken cordon blue panini, a smokin’ hot reuben, signature salads and individual pizzas. This is not the traditional dainty tea room food!

You can choose from more than 30 varieties of loose teas. They offer varieties of black, white or herbal which does qualify it to be more of a tea room than anywhere else on the square.

My mother-in-law loves her black teas, and this was a charming place to bring her. It overlooks the square and has that unique vintage appeal. (Note: Vineyard Cafe is not handicap accessible, so keep that in mind images-1as you do have to walk up some stairs.) At this visit we were served the tea in a French Tea Press versus a tea pot. In a press, the loose teas are at the bottom, and you literally press them down when you pour the water. I had been to a few tea rooms but I hadn’t experienced this “machine” before; it lets you make a stronger or weaker tea based on the amount of loose leaves you add.0_0_0_0_194_291_csupload_48695297

And of course, we couldn’t resist ordering their award-winning coconut creme bread pudding, and I must agree — it was delicious. Who doesn’t love dessert with warm buttered rum added to it?

Vineyard Cafe’s reputation has been built by word of mouth compliments, and now it’s officially Scoop Approved! Stop in next time you’re at the Marietta Square.