‘Tis the Season to Decorate

From Designer Aimee Parscale at Status Interior Design:

For many years of my design career, I started my Christmas preparing in July. I would begin talking to clients and marking off the calendar for the fall and holiday season of decorating.

What I have learned throughout the years is that with each home there is a story. Truly unfolding the story within someone’s home is the gift.

We “Southerners” love our Christmas Trees! It has become a tradition in many homes to have more than one tree. I love this season because it allows everyone’s creativity to flow.

A few tips when thinking about your tree design this Christmas:

  • Think about what works best for your budget. If you are looking to be cost effective, consider purchasing a permanent tree that you can reuse each year.
  • Consider the ages of those within your home or those visiting your home this season. Try to decorate around your audience.
  • If you have something you love and wish to collect, consider doing a theme tree. This year Owls are very fun to use! Highlight or accent with ornaments that make you happy. A table tree for a small space can make a big statement.
  • Think outside the box. If your budget doesn’t allow a whole “new” tree with ornaments, consider using frames, vintage books, recipes, or even doing a tree that captures its essence with lights! By using craft tags found at Hobby Lobby, you can add black and white photos of your family. Photos can be quickly copied at CVS directly off your smart phone. In the tree pictured above, ornaments were kept to a small budget with only purchasing the additional birds. Wrapping presents in craft paper and newspapers is not only a cost effective solution but allows you to include your children in the process by coloring a great Christmas picture on the top!
Bottom line, there is no wrong tree. Experiment. Each year gives you the opportunity to unfold a new story.