Tiny Bubbles Tea Bar Expands to Woodstock

UPDATE, March 13th, 2018: Tiny Bubbles Tea Bar is now open!

Marietta’s Tiny Bubbles Tea Bar and Gift Shop is opening a second location in Downtown Woodstock.

Located two doors down from Firestone Wood Fired Pizza; this store is expanding due to popular demand where Salon Gloss was located. This location will also have longer hours than Marietta. See below for their hiring information and open house next Tuesday.

Ower Brielle Gaines told me they asked 10,000 customers a survey a year ago about their next location and Woodstock was the majority. She is glad her fans played a role in their expansion.

If you aren’t familiar with bubble tea, it is also known as boba milk tea, is a cold, frothy drink made with a tea base shaken with flavors, sweeteners and/or milk with tapioca pearls at the base of the drink. A fat straw is required.

It starts with a tea base and then sweeteners and flavors are added.  If it’s a Milk Tea, a creamy component is added, such as milk, almond milk, or non-dairy creamers.  Clear Teas are just that… Clear, and don’t have a cream added.  Once the ingredients are all together, the drink gets shaken.

This well-shaken aspect makes the drink nice and frothy, which looks like bubbles on top… hence the name bubble tea.  The fun of bubble tea comes from the small chewy tapioca pearls, aka: boba. They add a hefty scoop at the bottom of each drink, adding a chewy contrast to the sweetness and texture of the drink.  There are endless variations, everything from strawberry, taro, chocolate,  almond, lavender, coffee and tea can be used to flavor the drink. Some of the versions are thin, sweetened tea versions while others are rich and thick. Here is their Marietta menu and now you can order online too with their new app which will save you time.


They are hiring next week.  Follow Scoop for their grand opening information.