The Butcher and the Bottle Menu

You asked for it and we got it from the owner himself,  Seth Hendricks, more details on the new Canton restaurant replacing Sixes Tavern.  They are opening Friday, March 6. They will be open Friday night, Saturday all day, and Sunday all day. Then going forward, they will open 7 nights a week and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for lunch and dinner! Here’s the link to make a reservation, but if more than 4 call the restaurant at 770-213-3456.

Sundried tomato and goat cheese stuffed salmon
Sundried tomato and goat cheese stuffed salmon

Here is the Butcher and the Bottle Facebook page link. His current menu is below.

When we originally wrote this article in February, he sent us some pictures  of his entrees as a teaser. Yes, there are salads to balance out that bacon carmel popcorn that we mentioned in earlier posts! The menu has some unique items like an elk corn dog, but then you can get a stuffed pork chop or fried chicken too. Again, he has this menu as a first draft, so there could be some changes. The Butcher and the Bottle will also have some microbrews such as Allagash Currieux and he is meeting with the Reformation Brewery, a local Woodstock brewery too.

If you are looking for music, Sixes Tavern is now in Cartersville.  This restaurant will have a different feel and Hendricks said the build out is coming along nicely.  Thanks for following Scoop OTP to get your OTP dirt, construction dirt that is!

Note: Since we posted this article – their Facebook page has been a bevy of conversation with the owners tweaking the menu for some more family friendly, vegan and other options.  They appear to be listening to their customers requests for quinoa, black bean burgers, simplier items, and a kid menu at a decent price point.  You can’t make everyone happy, but wow – they sure seem willing to try! So if you want pork bellies or a grilled cheese, this could be your place. You will be able to  jazz up or simplify their butcher or fish specials. 

This appears to be the menu in place for the opening.

butcher and bottle menu

Beer Cheese Soup
Pork Belly Kabobs