The Birthday Candle

The Birthday Candle Scoop OTPOne thing that you aren’t prepared for when you become a parent is how to answer you children’s (often endless) questions. Another thing you might not have anticipated is the amount of birthday parties you and your children will attend. Well, we may have the perfect solution!

Local author Jamie Bobo found herself trying to explain to her youngest daughter over and over again why we put candles on a birthday cake. More specifically, “Why do we put sticks of fire on our food?”

After trying to find a legitimate answer and not really coming up with much more than a theory, Bobo’s daughter still was inquiring. So Bobo did what most parents do at some point: she created her own story!

After sharing her birthday candle tale with both of her daughter’s multiple times, her youngest finally requested that the story be a real book. So, with much encouragement from her family, Bobo decided to publish her first book, “The Birthday Candle” with Yawn Publishing in Canton. The Birthday Candle Scoop OTP

The sisters in the story are based on Bobo’s daughter’s Brooke and Margaret Drew. After all, without them and their questioning, the book wouldn’t exist!

The story is whimsical and fun — a cute tradition to add to your birthday party festivities. We think it would make a perfect and unique gift for any children’s birthday party or book exchange at school. And since Jamie is local, you might be able to get a signed copy if you attend one of her book signings!

“The Birthday Candle” is available at Learning Express in Woodstock, Yawn’s Books, Three Sisters Boutique and Free Home Traditions in Canton, or you can order online. Follow her on Facebook.

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