Status owner Aimee Parscale says using different heights when decorating makes a big statement! This picture is a great use of pumpkins and makes a great centerpiece for your dinner table. Look around the house for different things to use: candle holders, books layered, cake stands, plates — mix it up to create different heights for your Thanksgiving table.

Or, if you are looking to make a statement this Thanksgiving, she has several clients looking for “hidden treasures,” and this wood basket pictured below is just that! Consider visiting your local antique dealer in search of the perfect find for your table.

Mix something vintage with something new to create a unique look. The featured pictured used dried moss, candles, and pumpkins to create a terrific look for your Thanksgiving guests! Status suggests using the new battery operated candles.

And after Thanksgiving, simply remove the pumpkins and add that is as easy as pumpkin pie!