Tailgating Gadget & Tech Guide

There’s no better way to prep for the big game than tailgating with your alumni, family, friends and fans. New gadgets and tech can make the entire tailgating process more enjoyable and fun. Whether you are “pre gaming” at a youth league game, your local high school, reliving those college memories or stepping up to the professional ranks at new Mercedes-Benz Stadium, here’s the scoop.

Kicker Bullfrog Jump Speaker

A waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker with FM tuner that will kick out enough sound to cover your entire tailgate. This is a modern looking Bluetooth device with two full-range speakers and two passive radiators for enhanced bass. One speaker/radiatorpair faces front, and the other faces the rear, creating 360° sound. The system has a nice, tight sound. And you’ll hear it loud and clear when used outdoors. The Jump’s casing has an IP66 rating, meaning it’s waterproof and dust-proof, so it can still perform during a passing shower. A built-in FM tuner lets you listen to the pregame radio show and the Jump comes with a detachable FM antenna to improve reception. You can also play music from other portable devices through the JUMPs auxiliary input jack.

OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock

Keep everything charged and all your devices connected at your tailgate with an amazing 13 ports, the OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock brings exceptional connectivity to Thunderbolt 3 laptops and computers through a single Thunderbolt 3 cable, delivering unprecedented power and speed to laptops and other devices. Stay connected at your tailgate with this monster dock. Also invaluable for your home or office for $299. Remember, more ports equals more fun!

Flagpole To Go

A 14′ 4″ Flagpole To Go and a Tailgater’s Tire Mount. Flagpole To Go is a portable flagpole that is great for the fan, cheerleaders and mascots. It can be used at parades, stadium events, tailgates, parties, graduations, campsites and picnics. The adjustable clipsaccommodate two flags from 1’x2′ up to 3’x5′. The pole closes down to less than 44. Each section locks in place with a simple twist, so it won’t collapse when it is extended. The Tailgater’s Tire Mount, tire-secured flag stand holds your flagpole anywhere you want to display a flag or flags for $50.

BBQ Guru

The most advanced high-tech BBQ accessory to hit the market. The CyberQ Cloud is the newest must-have temperature control device that is going to give you the ultimate barbecue experience and will be your new secret weapon for cooking delicious mealsevery time, especially at tailgates. You can get distracted at tailgates, so CyberQ Cloud’s cutting-edge technology makes outdoor cooking easier than ever before. BBQ Guru’s high-tech control helps solve the two most common problems of cooking outdoors by automatically controlling your cooking temperature and consistently tracking your food temperatures. With built-in food ready alarms, voice control activation, and automatic oven-like control for your smoker, the CyberQ Cloud does the work for you and eliminates the guesswork of knowing when your food is done. Hook up your CyberQ Cloud to your grill, set your desired temperature, and, almost like magic, it consistently maintains your target temperature. This means you and your fellow football fans can finally say goodbye to tough, chewy, and dried out meat. Also with “Alexa” integration. Available for most grills starting around $200.

Copper Chef Grill Mats

I’ve talked about Copper Chef pots and pans in the past, but their Grill Mats are a tailgater’s best friend. at 15.75″ x 13″, these reversible and reusable grill mats reduce burning flare ups. Your marinade or baste will stay on your food and nothing sticks to the mat. You also get perfect grill marks and they clean with ease. The food event tastes better. A no-brainer at $20.

Stubby Strip

Make tailgating easy and fun, with your favorite refreshing beverages! Easy to use, the Stubby Strip is perfect for all sporting events; fitting beers, wine, cocktails and odd-shaped drinks like water and sports drinks, this original invention keeps your drinks cold and always by your side straight into fall. Slip up to seven bottles or cans in the Stubby Strip Original, wrap it tightly, and take drinks on-the-go. It doesn’t matter which team you root for, your drinks will be cold will the Stubby Strip. It’s a great alternative to a bulky cooler and it’s only $15.

The Curious Creamery

Fresh “boozy” ice cream, right at your tailgate. The Curious Creamery allows you to make delicious, gourmet ice cream on the fly without using an ice cream maker. You start with a $1.99 starter pack of your choice and in minutes you have a tasty treat that’s gluten free, lactose free, preservative free, high fructose corn syrup free and more. Choose from the Ice Cream Mix, the Ice Cream Cake Mix, or the Alcoholic Ice Cream Mix. Try all the flavors!

iFork Interlocking Tableware

The people at iFork know technology and now they have “outkicked their coverage” with the new iCup and iPlate, as they are intelligently designed to securely fit together. The utensils click into place on either side of the plate and the cup slides inunderneath, leaving diners a free hand to eat, wave, or “high-five” with others. Sets start at $20.

Country Archer Meat Protein Bars

Meat based protein bars are the latest food trend and Country Archer makes brand new bars that are simply a cut above the rest. Perfect for game-time snacking. Country Archer’s Frontier bars are made to satisfy a healthy appetite. Packed with 20g of protein, these hand-crafted bars are made from grass fed beef, no hormone turkey and pork, NON-gmo, very low sugar, gluten free and soy free. Frontier bars come in three decadent flavors including Cayenne, Herb Citrus and Sweet bbq. Toss them in your bag or grab them on the go for a fresh, light and healthy snack.

Rick Limpert is an Atlanta-based writer that covers the intersection of sports and technology. You can follow him on Twitter at @RickRoswell or his site at www.WirelessWednesday.live.