Superbowl Suggestions

If you are throwing a Superbowl party or attending one, everyone knows it’s all about the food…I mean the commercials…I mean the half-time show! Oh yeah, and there’s a football game going on too!

It’s truly amazing, but you can make anything look like a football from brownies to deviled eggs to football deviled eggs 009chocolate covered strawberries! So, go ahead and copy those Pinterest foodies and make an attempt at a theme food. It’s the last game of the season, you might as well go all out.

One of the easiest ways to feed a crowd is to create a hotdog buffet. Use the crock pot to cook the hot dogs, adding beef broth or beer to flavor them. Then, have a ton of toppings with clever names: Scrimmage Sauerkraut, Red Zone Relish, On Side Kick Onions, etc. You can also ask your friends to bring chili and then have a chili cook-off with fun football related prizes.

Use anything football related in your house for décor: old trophies, football trading cards, pom-poms, helmets, or jerseys. This adds to the feel of the buffet table. You can also get brown craft paper and use chalk or white tape to create a football field with yard lines and end zones. If you want to invest in a small patch of turf grass, that can add a conversation piece too! We love the idea of yellow napkins that can be used like a referee’s penalty flag and your guests can use them as well as thrown them down too! If you have a referee jersey, this is another great chance to get some wear out of

It’s fun and easy to make a signature drink named after each team: Carolina Crisp Apple Cider or Bronco’s Bourbon Slushy are just a few ideas. Unless it’s your favorite pro-team, most of the guests will be there just to enjoy the party and since the Falcons aren’t in it, we just cheer “Go Team!”

There is a fun BINGO game that you can find online and print out for guests to play during the commercials. Football trivia could also be a fun activity for people who aren’t glued to the set. You never know how exciting the game will be, but you will be ready for anything with a few simple games, some fun decorations, and of course amazing food that your guests will love. Happy Superbowl, and may the best team win!

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