Six Tech-y Gifts for Grads

It doesn’t matter what grade they’re leaving behind; recent graduates love gadgets that they can take with them to their next school or out into the real world.

What I hear from grads is they want something that is affordable, mobile and technology that’s is well designed and they can actually use. I think these “super six” would make ideal gifts for those with freshly minted diplomas in their hand.

Kensington VeriMark™ Fingerprint Key

A stolen laptop is one of the worst feelings a student, or anyone, can have happen to them. It’s not only expensive to replace, but the loss of private/confidential data can have devastating consequences. Kensington’s VeriMark fingerprint Key was designed to provide simple, best-in-class biometric authentication for incomparable protection against cyber-thieves. The key protects against unauthorized access on compromised devices and is the world’s first fingerprint security key to support both Windows Hello and Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) universal second factor authentication (U2F). Designed to meet Windows Hello security requirements, the key allows users without a fingerprint sensor in their computer, to enjoy the benefits of a faster, more secure login that Windows Hello affords for $49.99.

Kensington Laptop Locking Station 2.0

More laptop protection and security is needed as thin laptops have become more difficult to secure due to their sleek platforms that don’t allow for traditional security slots to engage a cable lock, such as the Macbook Pro. The Kensington Laptop Locking Station 2.0 addresses this challenge by delivering optimal security and functionality in a low-profile solution ideal for the desktop environment. A perfect device, whether in the dorm room, den or office. Adjustable security arms are located on each side of the locking station to accommodate thin laptops ranging from 11″ to 15.6″ in screen size. For initial installation, the user simply opens the laptop, then slides it between the arms into the station. Once the user adjusts the arms to the width of the device, they remove the laptop, and fix the arms into place for future use, with that laptop. The laptop can then be placed quickly and easily into the locking station and locked into place using the included MicroSaver® 2.0 Keyed Lock that inserts into the industry-standard Kensington Security Slot, located on the side of the locking station. Depending on included accessories, the Locking Station 2.0 starts at $89.99.

The College Student First Aid Kit

High School is one thing, but now that your darling is off to college, they need a first aid kit. The College Student First Aid Kit was created by Beth Palmer Stewart, a Nurse Practitioner, with over 25 years of experience. Beth created a kit that is comprehensive,  organized and affordable. With over 30 different medications, ointments, creams, drops, tools and wound care items. As a mom and nurse, Beth is confident that this kit will help college students everywhere. The College Student First Aid Kit is created with students in mind. Two different kits are available starting at $59.95.


Meet the simple coffee brewer. Dripo is a 2-in-1 iced-drip coffee device that works as your cold-brew coffee maker and as a portable tumbler, so you can enjoy your fresh cold brew on the go. It’s perfect for use at home or on-the-go with its simple design  and incredible ease of use. Cold brew has become a popular coffee beverage, but who can afford to spend a fortune at a coffee shop or grocery store? Ready-to-drink cold brew is typically prepared on your own at home at least 24 hours in advance. Making cold brew used to be a messy and frustrating process. Now, you can make single serve cold brew in the same cup you drink it out of with Dripo. Great for anyone that is a coffee drinker.

The ILLUMY Sleep and Wake Mask

Students need a good night sleep. A comfortable sleep mask that uses gently dimming light to help you fall asleep and a soft, brightening light to slowly wake you up naturally, the enhanced technology of this dependable device lulls you to sleep while preparing your mind for a productive day each morning. That is ILLUMY in a nutshell.

ILLUMY helps you:

– Get the Perfect Sleep Cycle: Blocking out all light, this mask helps you obtain that much needed eight hours every night. With gentle pulsing light, it slows down your fast-paced mind so you can get the rest you deserve.

– Sleep Mode: Control ILLUMY with a simple touch of a button on your phone. Download the app for free.

iClever: BoostEngine Portable Car Jump Starter

This is one gadget that you keep in your car, and it can save your life. This iClever product is powerful, compact and has the ability to jump start dead car batteries and charge phones, cameras and other devices. The 15000 mAh and 600A power bank allows users to jump start their vehicles up to 20 times, and quick charge technology gives users capability to charge phones and other devices at up to 75% faster than other chargers. No mess, no short circuiting and no overheating. The powerbank fits in any glove compartment and charges in just four hours. A no brainer at $59.99

And a Bonus Pick – one more gift your graduate may need!


Students lose things, but they can be found with Tile. Compact and easy to attach to anything, Tile Mate or Tile Slim go wherever you go. Small, durable and lightweight, they are perfect for attaching to keys, luggage, backpacks and even sliding in your wallet or purse. Double press the button on your Tile to ring your misplaced phone—even on silent. Use the Tile app to locate your Tile on a map. A Tile’s batteries last a full year with no charging required. Upgrade your Tiles after a year with the reTile program for a fraction of the cost.

Rick Limpert is an Atlanta-based writer that covers the intersection of sports and technology. You can follow him on Twitter.  Rick has written many gift guides for us including Mother’s Day and Holiday.