Scoop Superbowl Suggestions…..

“Deflategate” has been all the buzz this past week and surely will continue as we lead into Superbowl Sunday.  Personally, I like toSuperbowl Scoop OTP look at this Superbowl as a battle between Starbucks(Seattle) and Dunkin’ Donuts(Boston).  And no, I am not bitter that Pittsburgh Steelers are not playing, much. Chance are that your team didn’t make it to the Big Show this year either, but you still will want to use this Sunday as an excuse to celebrate. The Super Bowl has become a holiday of sorts, with various foods and games that must accompany the viewing of the actual game.  In recent years, I feel like I cook on Super Bowl Sunday almost as much as I do for an actual holiday.  Why?  Well for me it’s because I use Super Bowl Sunday as a valid excuse to indulge a little and try a few new recipes.

So, here are a few things this year I’m going to attempt.  Blue Margarita’s with a lime to represent Seattle’s bright jerseys and some funny looking, deflated football cookies for New England, along with a couple of cute games and easy decorations I found that anyone can put together.  Check out Pinterest page for our pinned ideas.  Don’t let the word “Pinterest” scare you;  we only pin easy recipes and ideas, promise!


Superbowl Scoop OTP
Seattle’s 12th Man Margarita
Superbowl Scoop OTP
New England’s Deflategate Cookies








If you know of any other great food, drinks or games, especially that you can get OTP, be sure to share them with us!