Scoop Snowman Contest – enter before the snow melts!

We can’t run this contest all the time, but we are excited to launch it for today only. Much of OTP has some snow on the ground and you can create a snowman (or snowwoman) masterpiece! Hurry up before it melts! Sounds like Forced Family Fun!

Post your image on social media or to our email, and we will pick a winner based on creativity. Our kids will of course weigh in!  Here’s our Facebook link, write on our wall!  Check our Contest tab too for other exciting giveaways!

What’s the prize you ask? How about a $25 gift card to Carrabba’s Italian Grill on Barrett Parkway. Their delicious food will surely warm you up!

Here’s one we saw in our neighborhood!

Olaf the Snowman, ScoopOTP