Rethunk Junk by Laura

Repurpose, Recycle, Upcycle, Renew, Reuse — these are all Buzz Words in the home décor industry as of late. What’s old is now new again, and if there’s a story behind it, even better!

If you have ever looked at a piece of furniture in your home and wished it was a different color, or that you could just reinvent it somehow, then Rethunk Junk by Laura can help you.

Rethunk Junk by Laura started as many businesses often do: as a hobby. As a self described insomniac, Laura has been painting as a hobby for 14 years. “Rethunk Junk by Laura” started  in 2009 when her husband suggested she list some of the items on Craig’s List. When she saw that there was actually a market for her products, Rethunk Junk by Laura became a full-blown business.

More than just painting, Rethunk Junk by Laura can take a piece of furniture and literally repurpose it into a completely different item. A credenza can be made into a changing table, or a dresser into a TV stand. The possibilities are endless. It is amazing what some paint and new hardware can do for an old piece of furniture!

Laura loves to do custom orders. Her most unique request was for dressers for unborn twins. The mom-to-be of the boy and girl twins wanted unique, non-traditional colors for her babies, and Laura loved the challenge of coming up with original colors and shapes for two people that weren’t even born yet!

After spending a lot of time and effort painting, Laura thought it would be beneficial to create her own line of paint. She currently has 12 custom colors, with a few new ones for spring coming soon. Now, if you have a DIY attitude but just need a little direction, Laura offers painting classes so that you can learn how to “rethunk” your own furniture. Classes are offered twice a month, but special classes can be scheduled for groups of 8 or more.

Pricing for her pieces is based on how much the original piece cost, and how much work has to be put in to restoring and “Rethunking” the piece. The goal is always to create beautiful, unique pieces at affordable prices. Turnaround time is generally one week, depending on the piece.


All work is done in her workshop at Woodstock Market, and then displayed in her showroom there as well. This spring, Laura is excited to have her showroom expanded to 1800 square feet, where she will be able to display much more of her creations. You can visit her Facebook page and website for picture of some of her work, or stop by Woodstock Market at 5500 Bells Ferry Road.