Reformation Brewery + Weekly Games

Woodstock’s Reformation Brewery will be teaming up with Weekly Games for analogue experience.

Reformation, who just celebrated the grand opening of their new beer garden location, announced that starting in November this year, Weekly Games will relocate their operations and share space inside the brewery, offering an extensive library of games available for rent or purchase. They’ll also host regular event programming such as game tournaments, board games releases, and recurring open play nights.

Reformation CEO and cofounder, Spencer Nix said:

There’s nothing like board games to help tap into humility and humor. You’ll always leave the table with new stories, and having a beer nearby is the perfect pairing in our book for those accepting those moments of loss and win.

Weekly Games has hosted events at the brewery before, but owner Josh Weekly said:

We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing. Both board games and beer have this playful common ground that encourages people to celebrate a shared experience. I love seeing that play out in a brewery that really gets it.

Just one more reason (like we needed it) to visit Reformation Brewery. Follow us for more Scoop.