OTP Bucket List


Thank you for all the responses to the below post. Click here to read the Bucket List that Scoop OTP created. 

Atlanta has their Bucket List, why can’t OTP? Scoop OTP is currently working on a Bucket List of places for both residents that live OTP, ITP and beyond. What should be on our Bucket List of must-dos OTP?  We would love your input so we don’t leave out your favorite OTP choices. You can email us here  or comment on our social media sites.

Possible suggestions might be:

Shoot the Hooch

Atlanta Bucket ListDine at The Marietta Diner

Visit Gibbs Gardens daffodil display (Ok, way OTP, but still a must-see!)

Hike Kennesaw or Red Top Mountain

So, you get the idea. Suggestions could be a place, a restaurant, a museum, nature–anything unique. Thank you for your response. We hope to have a complete list out to you in the next week in time for spring break and summer stay-cations.

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