Mixed-Use Development Coming to Canton

On Friday, we shared the breaking Scoop that a mixed-use development is coming to Canton, GA with restaurants,Map of 147 Academy St, Canton, GA 30114retail, and 125 new parking spaces. Atlanta Communities‘ realtors Randy and Sandra Saxon were instrumental in working with the city, Bill Grant, Billy Peppers, and Don Harris to make this dream a reality.  #CantonForward is what the project has been dubbed for the rejuvenation of the old Canton Elementary school and the old Mill offices at 147 Academy Street.  We now have more photos of the development.

Canton GA Mixed Use Development Scoop OTP



Canton Mixed Used Scoop OTP
Michael DeCarlo is the architect.


Here’s a snippet of information from Randy Saxon’s Facebook page.

I want to open by saying that Mr. Harris and our team are very grateful for the vision of the Mayor and City Council to make this re-development project a reality. It took a bold and forward thinking group to do what was necessary to save these Historic buildings. Mayor Hobgood is to be commended for his leadership and desire to preserve the city’s past represented by these buildings. Bill Grant and the city council have been strong supports of our efforts and we thank you all for your extraordinary cooperation. Billy Peppers brought a new and fresh perspective to the process and was able to structure terms that are beneficial to both the city and the property itself. On behalf of Mr. Harris and our entire team, thank you for not only Canton, GA Scoop OTPmaking this possible but for making it a pleasant experience.

We are excited about our plans for two tenant spaces in the old Mill Office we plan to house restaurants. The main floor of the school will have three tenant spaces for retail or restaurants and the upper level will have six office suites. Once these buildings are leased there are plans to add a third building, designed to complement the architecture in place with 20,000 SF of retail space. This building will not negatively affect the parking area but will add a parking deck underneath the retail space. All total we will have over 45,000 SF of retail space on the site.

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