Mellow Mushroom Rebrand

Mellow Mushroom, founded and headquartered here in Atlanta, is thrilled to announce the launch of its company-wide rebrand (the largest in the company’s history!), complete with a new vibrant and invigorated persona brought to life through a refreshed logo and visuals, newly designed menus, personalized website & user experiences and more. On the cusp of the brand’s 50th anniversary next year and with 160+ locations nationwide, the long-time pizza favorite debuted a new digital experience today, November 7, and will begin to roll out the new look across all restaurants with vibrant colorways and new signage, newly designed menus, revamped retail items, uniforms and other visuals, new and updated characters, plus a coming-soon prototype location in Atlanta.

 Mellow Mushroom announces the launch of its new vibrant and invigorated persona brought to life through a refreshed logo, menu, website experience and more. On the cusp of the brand’s 50th anniversary next year, Mellow Mushroom is a long-time favorite of pizza aficionados across the nation, serving up stone-baked pizzas (it’s all in the crust!) and a modern psychedelic state-of-mind. Embodying their Higher Order of Pizza™ mantra, Mellow Mushroom is bringing guests an out-of-this-world dose of new sensory experiences with the rebrand through the menu’s meticulously sourced and prepared foods, Mellow vibes and creative design, all alongside the brand’s signature pizzas that started it all.

Beginning today, November 7, the Mellow Mushroom experience will transform digitally and in-restaurant as it begins to roll out across all 160+ locations. Drawing inspiration from celestial and psychedelic designs, the new look includes:


  • A new logo debuting colorways including purple – “Mel’s Mood,” a new icon (Is it a mushroom? Is it a pizza slice?), logo type featuring a mash-up of curvy and straight lettering representative of the brand’s high standards for the best food and fun, laid back atmosphere

  • A new website offering a personalized and modern user experience, including new ways to pay like Apple Pay, a new online catering channel & more

  • Refreshed visuals and themes featuring new vibrant color schemes, employee uniforms & more

  • New signage rolling out across Mellow Mushroom locations nationwide

  • Newly designed menus

  • The evolution of the brand’s mushroom character “Mel O. Mushroom,” who will now don a new modern look

  • An upcoming prototype Mellow Mushroom location opening in Atlanta’s Grant Park next year, designed from the bottom up to reflect Mellow’s new look & guest experience featuring a counter service ordering experience, improved back-of-house technology and new, modern menu flavor profiles for both food & beverage

  • A revamped retail shop available at with newly minted graphic tees, headwear and more featuring the brand’s new look

  • The launch of Mellow Mushroom’s first ever Connected TV Campaign, beginning November 14

“This rebrand has been a true labor of love – over a year in the making – for our entire team, and we’re very excited to officially roll it out across the nation,” said Anne Mejia, VP of Brand Development for Mellow Mushroom. “This launch honors where we came from while redefining the future of Mellow Mushroom with a fresh look.”

Touted for its cult-like following and counterculture essence, Mellow Mushroom blends the boundaries between art, music, high quality ingredients and passionate standards for dining. Each individual restaurant is uniquely reflective of its local community while holding true to Mellow Mushroom’s core values and brand. Widely known as the originator of hand-tossed, stone-baked, one-of-a-kind pizza, the main menu – anchored by its coveted “secret dough” recipe – boasts fan-favorite pizzas like the Holy Shiitake Pie with olive oil and garlic base, shiitake, button and portobello mushrooms, caramelized onions, mozzarella, and Wisconsin aged white cheddar, finished with a garlic aioli swirl and a spritz of black truffle oil, garnished with fresh chives and shaved parmesan. Highly customizable Build-Your-Own pizzas are also available, creating the perfect canvas for a kaleidoscope of ingredients with options for meat-lovers, vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free guests and other dietary-conscious diners, alongside a revolving door of munchies, greens, burgers and sweets.

The first Mellow Mushroom was founded on pizza and beer, and guests can find a huge selection of the best local and international beers on tap at every location. Behind the Mellow Mushroom bar, a variety of made-from-scratch mixers and electric spirits come to life in the form of Liquid Karma Cocktails with standouts including The Campfire Peach Margarita made with Casamigos Blanco & Mezcal Tequilas, peach, jalapeno & house-made agave sour. 


Aside from the decorated brand’s passion for all things pizza, Mellow Mushroom has worked hard to establish a presence within the future of sustainable dining. Fully equipped with a heavy environmental focus since its founding in 1974, the brand not only sources eco-friendly pizza boxes with a negative carbon footprint (made from 100% recycled materials, their boxes were recently dubbed the “greenest” in the country), but it even recently received an award for The Steel Keg Association’s inaugural 2023 “Keg Champion Award” in the regional restaurant category for its reusable steel kegs. The company also utilizes recycled paper bags and paper straws, and has eliminated single-use plastic containers from all locations. 

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