Some tips from designer Aimee Parscale,  former owner of the Design Loft , in Woodstock, GA
1. Design around you and your family! Don’t follow a trend just because …..
2. Allow your creative side to come alive! Take Risk! Nothing is Permanent in Design….
3. Look in your closet if you need to take a close look at what you like in design. Surround yourself in the colors you wear. Being Comfortable in your Space is No different than being comfortable in your clothes! 4. When Looking to enhance a room on a tight budget , think paint! Look for the color you see the least amount of and pull your paint color in! Add some pillows with the same pop of color and you have created a WOW!
5. When something hits you “write it down “. Nothing has to be etched in stone but if you take notes of things you see that inspire you , this will help you see what you are drawn too. After you have found your inspiration , start your search for the one piece that will guide you in creating your space. Snap shot pictures or carry this piece in your car because when you least expect to find what you have wanted, you will be ready to purchase.
Aimee has been in the interior design industry for over 15 years and owned design firms in both Woodstock and Atlanta Georgia. Aimee has achieved her ASID in Interior Design and has been recognized by the National Association for Professional Women as well as serving as  an active participate in serving as a Featured Designer for the Junior Service League of Woodstock Christmas Homes Tour for over 5 years. Visit Status by Aimee for more information.