Land Of A Thousand Hills

Senior Year of high school my good friend Rachel introduced me to Land of A Thousand Hills coffee house. Where their motto is “Drink Coffee, Do Good”. I have never been so excited in my life. If you knew me, you would know that I am constantly trying to find local coffee shops because lets face it, Starbucks sometimes does not cut it.

When I first walked into Land12794567_1279172988766412_7041007224432009469_n of a Thousand Hills, I was instantly greeted by the smell of fresh coffee grounds and happiness. The barista are so welcoming and friendly that they almost felt like family. What I really liked about this place was that the menu was of variety and the prices were fair. Land of a Thousand Hills support coffee farmers in Rwanda, and most of their coffee names revolve around the country of Rwanda, which to me seems pretty cool. My first time trying the place, I decided to order the Rwandan Chill.

After paying for my drink, I quickly surveyed the coffee shop. It has an urban theme to it, and looks like a place where college students, like me could hang out and do homework. Not long after I found a place to sit, one of the barista brought my drink to me, which I thought was nice because it prevents crowding at the counter. The Rwandan Chill came in a mason jar with whip cream on the top, and after the first sip I fell in love. The Rwandan Chill was the perfect blend of caramel, vanilla, and espresso. It was hands down one of the best coffee drinks I have ever tasted!Land of a thousand hills scoop otp

It’s official, one of the best local coffee shops has been found. Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee is the place to be. If you are a college student needing that extra kick of caffeine, a person who is just looking for a mid day pick me up, or just a plain ol’ coffee lover like me, you have found a new place to satisfy your coffee thirst!

Note: Their are several free standing locations in Atlanta, Cumming, and Roswell as well as they are inside of Roam meeting places.

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Courtney is a rising sophomore at KSU and this was an extra credit assignment.  She is biology major on the premed track, where she will need lots of coffee to help her study!