J.R. Revelry Bourbon Distillery Planned for Roswell

The first distillery is coming to Roswell! The working name of J.R. Revelry Distillery is planned for 112 Norcross Street for Quarter 1 of 2019. Founder Rick Tapia has worked in the industry for the last 20 years and has seen the uptick in the cocktail and spiritscene. He said:

The country is rebuilding its distilling capabilities, currently around 2000 distileries in the country.  Georgia is growing its craft distilling community and with the passage of SB85 last year, it makes our small businesses stronger.  It is the right time to build a home for J.R. Revelry and put Roswell on the craft-distilling map.

The plan is to have a Tasting Room (bar) that features spirits that we produce at the distillery. Whiskey will be our flagship however, we will offer other white and brown spirits in order to appeal to a diverse group of consumers.  Food will also be offered in order to aid in responsible consumption.  Tapia said that spirits contain more alcohol than beer, and food helps with the responsible enjoyment of our products.

The plan includes a patio and a garden area for the locals to enjoy.

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J.R. Revelry is distributed (sold) by Empire Distributors. It is available for purchase by any licensed On and Off -premise account in GA. They welcome any and all accounts, such as the Whiskey Project, to carry the brand. The idea with J.R. Revelry was to create a traditional but very approachable bourbon. It is currently available for sale a few local Roswell retailers such as Table & Main, Roux on Canton, and Roswell Beverage. Tapia is passionate about the industry and said:
When readers/consumers support our local breweries and distilleries, more money stays in Georgia and helps support our economy and produce jobs.  Go out and visit your local breweries and distilleries. Learn about the products they are making, you will be pleasantly surprised. Please take a taste, you will not be disappointed.
The bourbon is currently distilled in Indiana and processed in Nashville. We look forward to it being made in Roswell!  For more information on the history of the company, we refer you to the website. Follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.