What do women crave? Shoes? Clothes? Chocolate? All of the above. But women also love totalk. And be to be heard. Now there is a unique place for women to do just that, while empowering each other and lifting up their fellow females.

The Exchange, a non-profit organization, is a monthly gathering of women, a welcoming environment for every woman, regardless of stage of life or religion. Through exploring various topics, the help to enrich minds and relationships, engaging it in our lives, and enjoying a nice glass of wine, aiming to a community of inspired women living on purpose.

The Exchange has two OTP locations: Woodstock and Cumming. Each month, group founder Elizabeth Pehrson (along with additional guest facilitators) walks the group through the topic of the night. The topics are designed to broaden minds, challenge people to think outside the box, and encourage women to be intentional with their lives.

There are simple rules for meetings at the Exchange:

  • Guests are always welcome!
  • Regulars bring the wine/beer.
  • Some months, we may send out an article(s) to read or videos to watch ahead of time.
  • Be authentic. We already clarified this is a place for imperfect people. So just be real.
  • Be a good listener. Feel free to share your opinion without dominating the conversation. (If you only have toddlers in your home, we might give you some grace…)
  • We won’t always agree and that’s okay! Let’s just agree to disagree agreeably!

If you’d like to learn more about either of the Exchange gatherings, check out their Facebook pages for topics, dates and times. We can’t wait to get a free night to go try it ourselves.