Izumi Asian Bistro: Family Friendly Fusion Flair

If you like to hear the sounds of a a jazz trio or a one man guitar band while you sit in an outdoor dining area… then get over the fact that a Papa John’s pizzeria and Smoothie King are next to you, and enjoy the atmosphere while eating fabulously fresh sushi, thai food, and delicious chicken teriyaki at Izumi Asian Bistro.

As my picky children inform the kind wait staff to please remove the avocado from the California roll, they get to enjoy their fancy sushi dinner and have access to free wi-fi to avoid parental discussions.

My son also likes the fun soda pop bottles that they offer — a Japanese specialty drink. So date night or family night, this restaurant doesn’t disappoint in quality or in price.

Izumi is easily accessed off of exit 8 in Town Lake/Woodstock so if you have a sporting event at Woodstock High or Etowah High, this is great place to plan for dinner. And according to Urban Spoon 92% percent of the people who ate there liked it, so I am not alone! Check out their photos on their website to whet your appetite for dinner tonight!  That’s the scoop.