Hellbender Harley Davidson

Picture 9Before my husband and I had children, we owned a Fat Boy Harley Davidson. For those that know me now, this doesn’t seem possible. But it’s true!

I have been to Daytona Bike Week several times and other Harley rallies, too. After all, the stereotype of Harley riders is just that: a stereotype!

When Scoop heard that an OTP dealer had the youngest female owner — Kimberly Hulsey of Hellbender Harley-Davidson in Marietta and Harley-Davidson of Cartersville — we had to meet her.

unnamed-2We visited the Hellbender Marietta location and the store is huge! Not only do they have bikes to purchase, but their selection of clothes and Harley accessories encompass a large portion of the store. Who would guess that Scoop OTP would feature a Harley store under retail therapy! But the clothes are fashionable and fun, and Kimberly designs many of the graphics herself. We lingered over the baby outfits and pet accessories, as it was just all so cool and hip looking.

Kimberly grew up in the store working with her dad. After his passing this year, she was the natural choice. Hellbender has been the name of the dealership for the past year, but they have been in business for 25!

Her mom handles accounting, and they have a dedicated staff that they appreciate and respect. Kimberly is looking forward to putting her stamp on these dealerships, and I am sure over the next few months you will be hearing more about her, her brands, and the dealerships in national news. She doesn’t fit the Harley preconceived image, but that’s the beauty of Harley — you never know who is going to own one!

10006373_10152661816660546_5181973497827699596_nThis petite, fashionable blonde has a mind for business and an eye for fashion. The retail side and clothing line is the perfect place to combine them as she created the Hellbender logo. By the way, a Hellbender is a giant salamander, and Kimberly created both the male and female character logos.

I am not going to try to talk “biker language” about the varieties of used and new models that the stores carry, but we did find out the Scoop on renting a H-D! If you don’t already have a motorcycle license, then you are educated with a complete two-day course. Hellbender has the most qualified trainers in the state to teach you. So plan on one weekend for learning and one weekend of riding!

Of course, they did mention that owning a H-D isn’t as expensive as you think. You might also be surprised to know that one of the trainers is a skilled ballroom dancer — total opposite of what we assume when we think Harley!

The event calendar is filled with charity rides for so many different causes and people. They also meet at local OTP restaurants and bars. Even if you don’t own a Harley, their events are open to the public, and raffle prizes are normally part of their evening too.

Now, I know I spoke of stereotypes earlier, and of course many Harley events wouldn’t be complete without the tattooed bikers and girls in bikinis — but isn’t that the fun of it? The Marietta location has a great indoor space for dances and other events too, as they try different things to keep their loyal riders happy and attract new HOG members.

Here’s something cool, our Scoop Star Hadley Elizabeth sang Harley-lujah there to kick off a ride a few months ago.

For more information on used or new bikes, parts, services, rentals, clothing and more stop on by. If Kimberly is there, you will know because her weimaraner dog Godiva will greet you!


993 South Cobb Dr SE Marietta, GA 30060 or call at (770) 919-0000.