Harvest Moon T-shirts

Picture 7Scoop loves the entrepreneur spirit, especially in students. On a recent visit to Henry & Pearl, we came across a cool new t-shirt line called Harvest Moon created by seniors at Milton High School.

These five boys have been friends since middle school, and one night under a Harvest Moon, they had a memorable evening. Years later, they wanted to capture that moment and their anthem: find what you love to do, which they’ve paraphrased to “Find Your Moon.” The “moon” for many is fishing, hunting, or sports. For these boys, it is hanging out with friends.image-1

With money they earned from a pressure washing company, the stylish t-shirt company was created. Their friend Daniel Arnold drew them a logo and a graphic designer digitized it, thus starting the process of their clothing line. Locally, the shirts are at OTP’s Henry & Pearl and Alpharetta Outfitters. The short sleeve shirt retails for $20.00.

Picture 8So here’s a Scoop shout out to the creators of Harvest Moon:  Jake Jenkins, Connor McElroy, Mike Price, Erik Peterson and Grant Peagler. The five plan to expand their business around their specific colleges and thank social media for their growth.

Grab a shirt for your son’s back to school shopping, and you’ll be the cool mom! They also carry long sleeve shirts, koozies, and logo stickers. Interested in becoming a rep — click here. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.