Gadget Gifts for Mother’s Day

Whether it be a call wishing her well on her big day, a floral delivery or a thoughtful gift, one thing is a given as May 13 approaches: we love our Moms! If Mom is tough to buy for, there are any number of new gadgets and items that feature some new technology that Mom would love to own. Sure Mom will be happy with anything you give her, but why not get her something more than a token — give her something she will actually use and appreciate.

If you are searching for that perfect gift for Mom that lives OTP, here are some suggestions:

Bambino Gift Card

Have a day away with Bambino. Bambino is a free membership babysitting app that uses a private social network to connect you to a community of recommended sitters that are trusted by friends and families right in your own neighborhood. They are offering gift cards for last minute gifts for parents! Gift cards are available in all denominations.  What says, “I love you” to a mom more than free babysitting? Whether she uses it for date night, girls night out or even a trip to the spa, mom will appreciate getting some “me time” while knowing her children are safe at home with a trusted sitter.


If Mom is into yoga, she’ll love YogaPaws gloves and socks created by Jamie Getzwiller. YogaPaws are made from an ergonomic design that keeps the webbing of the hands and feet happy and comfy while you exercise. The pads encourage correct posture and technique while providing all the comfort and support that Yogi needs. You get that feeling of being barefoot with the comfort and protection of YogaPaws. Get Mom a full set for $29.

LG MotoZ Force Edition Android Smartphone

Let Mom stay connected to her friends and family with this Motorola Z2 Force smartphone. It pairs Android Nougat with 4GB of RAM for lag-free performance, and its 64GB of onboard storage provides ample room for music, photos and videos. She will also be able to easily share pictures and video to the cloud. This Motorola Z2 Force smartphone has a water-repellent nanocoating and Motorola’s ShatterShield for added protection. It works great on the Sprint 4G LTE network OTP and is on sale for $30/per month. If Mom is looking for a smartphone to keep for a number of years, this is the one!

Royal Velvet® Signature Soft Solid Bath Towel by Trident

Technology in a bath towel? Mom will say “yes” as she wraps herself in plush comfort with these Royal Velvet towels. An ultra-softdesign pairs with fade-resistant color and reinforced hems for luxury that lasts. Washable and durable. Purchase individually or as a set.

Made by Trident. Trident is one of the world’s largest fully integrated home textiles manufacturers and biggest terry towel manufacturing facility. As innovators of the softest towels, bathrobes and bed sheets, Trident’s products will help any home feel like a luxurious resort, and make every day feel like vacation.

Ann Taylor

Mom will love all of Ann Taylor’s latest collections. Mom can get ready for summer and the summer travel season as Ann Taylor’s picks let you relax at home or the pool, fly fashionably and cruise in comfort. Ann Taylor will keep you looking fresh and fabulous before, during and after your long trip with versatile wrinkle-resistant fabrics at prices to fit any budget.


If Mom is looking to join a score of  U.S. broadband households in cutting the cord and turning to antennas for TV content, SMARTenna+ is a great option. Up to 20 percent of households in 2017 are “cutting the cord” according to two recent reports from  Parks Associates. SMARTenna+ is the world’s first indoor TV antenna with Active Steering technology to analyze TV signals to deliver the most channels with the highest possible quality, and it’s only $89.

SMARTenna+ houses seven different “virtual” TV antennas inside a single device. The internal processor analyzes the TV signals and automatically selects the best reception pattern to deliver the maximum number of channels and the best signal quality.And It also eliminates the inconvenience of repositioning the antenna to pick up new channels. Instead, with SMARTenna+ you simply push a button to find additional channels, and the premium push-on connectors eliminate the need to screw on the coax cable to the antenna. This is not just some new flat antenna; it’s a smart antenna that’s easy to set up.

Secret Message Candles by 54 Celsius

54 Clesius’ candles make great Mother’s Day gifts and housewarming presents! Simply light the wick, and as the wax melts away,a secret message is revealed at the bottom of the container that says “Thank You”, etc.  Only $9.99 for a quality candle.

Rick Limpert is an Atlanta-based writer that covers the intersection of sports and technology. You can follow him on Twitter at @RickRoswell.