Funny Suburb Version of Uptown Funk

We can relate to this version of “Uptown Funk” called “Suburban Funk!”  10985468_397798233721556_4779119678349982233_n

Suburbs FUNK YOU UP! We love this video and hope you enjoy it too!

This video was originally featured on MyLifeSuckers by Deva Dalporto.

The lure of more square footage, outdoor space, and kids safely riding their bikes around the neighborhood beckons many young families to leave the convenience of city life for the ‘burbs. But few have put it into words as musically as Deva Dalporto. The talented mom behind some of our favorite hilarious covers — like “All About That Bass” and “Let It Go” — has parodied Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’s “Uptown Funk” as the hilarious “Suburban Funk”!

As Deva says, “After living in cities my entire adult life, we moved to the ‘burbs. And I’m not gonna lie, I was like ‘Where the heck am I, and what happened to my food delivery at 2 a.m.?’ But I have to say, I’ve grown to love the ‘burbs. Love, love them.”



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