Foundation Social Eatery Re-Opening in Alpharetta

One of the premier restaurants in Greater Atlanta will be re-opening in the epicenter of uOTPian dining. Foundation Social Eatery announced their new home at 55 Roswell Street in Alpharetta. They were previously located on Holcomb Bridge Road in Roswell.

The Atlanta Grubber restaurant review podcast asserts this is an astute business decision. In Alpharetta and Roswell, there is a bizarre chasm where restaurants west of GA 400 are supported substantially more than those on the east side. Furthermore, Alpharetta’s mayor and council have proven to be light-years ahead of their Roswell counterparts in encouraging businesses growth in no smart measure thanks to ample parking.


Also, the LWP (Live/Work/Play) concepts of nearby Teasley Place and Alpharetta City Center translates to an abundant number of higher income residents being within walking distance, not to mention the ever-expanding Alpharetta Loop offers easy access to the flourishing downtown Alpharetta area.

Interior Image from FSE Facebook Page

Chef/owner Mel Toledo told the AJC the new restaurant will seat about 115. The AJC also reported that a sister concept Petit FSE will adjoin the restaurant offering grab-and-go items.


Among the standout items at Foundation Social Eatery include one of the best vegetarian dishes in the state, the mushroom ravioli, grilled octopus and more. The grand re-opening will take place in 2022.

Note: Foundation Social Eatery closed it’s Rowell location in mid-January. They have been hosting some pop-up events around town. On 12/12 on FSE Facebook page:

To those not in the know, we have been searching for a new and better location for the last couple of years. Our lease officially expired in March 2020, and we’ve been continually extending it by a few months at a time while we continued our search for a new location. A week ago, our landlord informed us they had found another tenant to take on a long term lease and gave us our 45 day notice to vacate. 

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