Forever Gems: For Body, Heart & Soul

I first met Jacky Harjani on a sailing trip to St. Thomas (USVI) in June 1995 when my friend Mei Ling and I walked into a jewelry store. The offerings were splendid and we both managed to pick up a few pieces of jewelry for ourselves.

Forever Gems Alpharetta Scoop OTPA young man named Jacky took care of us while we shopped, allowing us to try on various pieces of jewelry, including exquisite diamond pieces and rare gems. Every year we’d go back to that jewelry store to pick up a few new pieces of jewelry and spend time with our new friend.

Now Jacky and his wife Sanjana, along with their two daughters, live in Alpharetta. They own Forever Gems, located at 41 Milton Avenue, Suite 101A, in Downtown Alpharetta. The store features a unique selection of one-of-a-kind personal adornments and home décor, masterfully crafted by their design team, along with exclusive collections by Samuel B., Neda Behnam, Earth Rocks, and Krohme.

 Forever Gems also features a stunning line of gold, silver and diamond pieces. A collection of precious and semi-precious gemstone jewelry is also available, featuring ruby, peridot, and opal, among others.

“By bringing quality, craftsmanship and innovation in design, and using timeless classic elements of designs, our goal is to meet and excel the expectations of every discerning taste,” explains Jacky.

Forever Gems Alpharetta Scoop OTPDuring a recent visit to their store, which opened earlier this month, I couldn’t help but reminisce about our yearly visits to St. Thomas as Mei Ling and I made our way to the British Virgin Islands to meet our husbands on the sailboat. I recalled the heartwarming and friendly way in which I, along with all other customers who entered the jewelry store, were treated.

I remembered trying on rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces while learning about the stones and gems that were part of each piece. The neatest thing about remembering those days was simple – I don’t have to go all the way to St. Thomas to bring back those great memories – I can simply drive to Downtown Alpharetta and walk into its newest store – Forever Gems.

Take a trip to Downtown Alpharetta and visit Forever Gems. Try on a few things and enjoy the feeling of luxury that beautiful jewelry is certain to evoke.

While shopping in Downtown Alpharetta, grab a coffee at Mugs on Milton, or say hello to the girls at Sis & Moon. 

Julie Brennan is a resident of Canton and is the publisher of My Forsyth magazine. A self-proclaimed foodie, she enjoys trying new restaurants with friends. She may be reached at