Don’t Drink Your Sugar!

From Lori Forrester, Fitness Savvy Scooper.

It’s no secret that I love dessert. I mean I really LOVE dessert. I save up for my weekend dessert and plan for it like a party in my mouth! Sometimes it’s frozen yogurt with toppings; sometimes is a big gooey piece of molten lava cake. Cheesecake makes me crazy giddy. Anyone else love sweets like that? I thought so.

So let me ask you a question.  Why on earth would you waste precious sugar and fat calories on a drink? I’m not talking about an alcoholic drink either. I plan for those as well. I’m talking about every day “I’m thirsty” kind of drinks.


I rarely see someone with closed eyes and a grin on their face drinking a glass of Mountain Dew. They are usually mindlessly chugging away without a thought in the world about what’s going into their body. Don’t do this! You are completely sabotaging any effort you’re making to drop unwanted pounds by picking up a soft drink, fruit juice, or sports drink when you need hydration. If your body is asking for H2O, give it what it wants!


Water is ZERO CALORIES and it will aid in weight loss by flushing out all your excess water. Another great advantage to drinking water is that it helps to curb your appetite until your next meal. A lot of times you might think you are hungry, but in reality you are dehydrated. Keeping a water bottle on you at all times keeps you fuller, and keeps your mouth busy at the same time. Maybe you’ll keep yourself from grabbing that burger on the way home if you are held over with a big jug of water.

I’ve seen many overweight women drop the first 10-15 pounds simply by giving up sodas. No more sugar coating it, people! Sodas and other sugary drinks are making adults and our precious children fat. There is no other way to say it. Give it up today and do your entire family a huge healthy favor!