disc golfWith the weather getting warmer, it’s time to hit the great outdoors and try something new. Have you ever heard of disc golf? Until a few weeks ago, neither had I — so I decided to give it a try!

With many new disc golf courses being built OTP, it was not hard to find one close to me. I went to the course in Dupree Park, but there are many that can be found OTP: Sequoyah Park, Wills Park, and many more.

Before adventuring out to the park to play I did a little research on the rules of the game and how you play. The game is extremely simple. Much like golf, every throw counts as one point and the goal is to get your Frisbee or disc in the hole with as little throws as possible. I also found that you can play with regular Frisbees or the kind specially made for the game.

disc golfBecause this was my first time playing, I decided to go the cheap route and buy some 99 cent Frisbees at Walmart. I quickly learned, however, that plastic Frisbees are very hard to throw in the wind, so next time I play I will invest in the real discs for the game, which you can buy for $10 at Dick’s.

My partner and I played all 18 holes at Dupree park, which took about an hour. The course is really quite pretty. You start by working your way around the park, then go through a trail in the woods, and circle around a pond at the end. I will say, if you do choose to go to this course be very careful not to throw your Frisbee into the pond; we made this mistake and had to use a stick to fish out our Frisbee.

I’ll admit I wasn’t super keen on trying disc gold when I first heard about it, but after playing I am a believer in the fun of this game. With the beautiful spring weather coming our way I will definitely be heading back to the course with a few friends and enjoying this fun new game.

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Megan is an senior. She started to think about what to do for her senior project, and decided to do something a little out of her comfort zone and see where it would lead. So here she is writing, but writing about things 100% in her comfort zone. As a retail employee, she is obsessed with all the new trends in fashion, and as a typical high schooler, she is always looking for something to do. So she decided to write about her findings and share the Scoop on being a senior.