Cork Creations

Creations by Debi is the result of one talented woman who lives in OTP. Debi is know for her UNCORK’D line of jewelry — she can turn your favorite or most special wine cork(s) into a bracelet.

The idea happened on accident. One day, Debi was in her kitchen taking a handful of corks to her cork display bowl, and she placed one on her wrist. Thus the UNCORK’D line was born! After looking online, she saw that it was an original idea. And Debi was thankful because after teaching for 13 years, she wanted to be more available to her kids. Taking on this new endeavor allowed her to do that while also creating a unique fun product.

Debi strives to make sure the bracelets are comfortable and practical. The products she uses are from the earth and are reusable; Scoop is proud to support a green local artist!

Customers send her corks from rehearsal dinners, engagements, weddings, special get togethers with old friends — the list goes on and on. You can choose from a single beaded strand bracelet, or a cuff with three strands of beads for a bulkier fit. (Side note: these bracelets also make great napkin holders! Extra Scoop points for a multipurpose product.)

Debi said, “It is just the greatest to take that special cork, hear the story, and then create it into something that person can really enjoy and continue to tell that story over and over when asked about their UNCORK’D Bracelet.”

But Debi also creates jewelry without the corks. She has simplistic yet classic pieces that are fit for any occasion.

She considers her products Funky Vintage and Hippie Chick! You can find them in several OTP stores (Sis & Moon’s, Chateau Elan, Love Street, Wiiney Blonde BoutiqueFrogtown), Facebook, or you can order online.