Craig Sager Returns to TNT

Scoop OTPAfter 11 months, the colorful Craig Sager will be returning to his spot on the NBA sidelines during the TNT coverage of the Oklahoma City-Chicago Bulls game on Thursday night.

Sager, a 33-year veteran of Turner Sports, was sidelined last spring when tests revealed he had acute myeloid leukemia. He underwent a bone marrow transplant using his son, Craig Sager Jr., as a donor. Sager spent several months in isolation, but his spirits were kept high as he received well wishes from fans, players and coaches all around the NBA.

Fast forward, and Sager is able to go back to his job of chatting up the coaches and players with his colorful wardrobe. What Sager will be wearing to the game is almost as highly anticipated as the actual return. A 50 pound weight loss and swollen feet have been part of the decision in what to wear. Rumor is that Sager will be in head-to-toe red and black in honor of his beloved hometown team, the Chicago Bulls. He is even said to have custom Nike’s in his new size to match his jacket.

Sager is a Canton resident and can often be spotted at his local golf course in his trademark vibrant colors. Scoop OTP and the community wish him well on his big return to TNT.