Cousins Maine Lobster Brick & Mortar Opening

If you are a fan of Cousins Main Lobster food truck, made famous by the TV series “Shark Tank,” you can now enjoy their food at Atlanta’s Lenox Square at 3393 Peachtree Rd NE, Unit 3052.

Jim Tselikis and Sabin Lomac, who created CousinsMaine Lobster, have taken their small LA-based food truck business and built it into a national franchise with trucks in 20 major geographical regions…and now a brick and mortar store only in Nashville and Atlanta. Two more stores are planned for Florida.

Owner Tony Harrison said:

I am excited and honored to be opening the first Georgia store and the Lenox area is a perfect fit for our fans.

Cousin Jim Tselikis will be at the grand opening event and giveaways and specials will occur, but details aren’t yet available. Meanwhile, Cousin Sabin Lomac is hosting Seaside Snacks & Shacks on the Cooking Channel.  Both Lomac and Shark Tank Barbara Corcoran will visit the store soon.

Here’s a sneak peek at their menu. They will also have specialities like lobster tots and lobster quesadillas as well as combo offers. Beer, wine, and gluten free items are available.

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