C’est la Vie Canton is Preparing to Open

A french restaurant, C’est la Vie, closed their location in Marble Hill Georgia and is relocating to Canton. They are currently hiring as they prepare for opening day in December (date to be determined as they wait on permits) at 361 East Main Street.

 Laetitia and Vincent Fernandez were both born in the south of France. They didn’t plan to become cooks.

I have a master’s degree in Marketing and Communication and Vincent studied racehorses… But shortly after meeting in 2008 we opened a pizzeria – my dad has been making pizzas for almost 40 years and he passed on his know-how to us. After 10 years, we wanted to look further and learn about cooking

At the end of 2018 they set off on a new adventure, with their two daughters Livia and June, to open their own French restaurant in Georgia. They had been operating in Marble Hill with both a fine dining and a casual restaurant, but for their new location, the restaurant will be elevated fine dining.

If you know anyone – send them for an interview!

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