Casting Calls

Here’s this week casting calls, including some new parts — good luck!

Are you a Simpsons fanatic? Hank Azaria, the voice of Moe, Comic Book Guy, Professor Frink, Disco Stu, and hundreds of other famous Springfieldians, is starring in a new IFC series and they are looking for talent right now! The show is a sports spoof that follows a disgraced MLB announcer. Sports and The Simpsons: is there anything better? For more information, enter here.


AMC is one of the biggest cable networks making television today! You’ll have to look hard to find someone who hasn’t heard of shows like Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead franchise. Their latest show, Halt and Catch Fire, is always filming in the Atlanta area, and there’s more parts for you to check out today!

What do you think of when you hear the name “Spider-Man?” Web-slinging? Wall-crawling? The ALL-NEW Spider-Man movie is filming RIGHT NOW! Marvel is the biggest stuZ-The-Beginning-of-Everything-800x531dio in the world, and you can be in their newest movie.

Christina Ricci is in a new Amazon Studios production about Zelda Fitzgerald, the wife of “Great Gatsby” author F. Scott Fitzgerald. Do you love dressing up in Jazz Age outfits and spectacular lawn parties? Audition for this show now!

There’s always room in the movies for those with musical talent. The new movie from the director of Drumline, Step Sisters, is looking for a piano player! Do you have what it takes?

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