Canton Mills Mixed Use Development

The  Canton Cotton Mill #1 in downtown Canton has been purchased by Penn Hodge Properties. The 30 acre area houses seven buildings, including the iconic brick mill. The plan includes a mixed-use development that will consist of co-working office space, restaurants, retail and housing.

Bill Grant, Canton Mayor Pro Tem further explains:

The Canton Mills adaptive reuse development will be a game changer for Canton, and the project is one of the most significant pieces of our Downtown and Rivermill LCI Master Plan. The developers have a wonderful vision for this historic property; including mixed use restaurant, residential, retail, office and other creative usages. It is so exciting to see tangible signs of our vision fall into place, and the Canton Mills redevelopment is one of those magic puzzle pieces that brings everything together. It preserves and repurposes yet another significant historic structure while increasing its contributions to our tax digest. It will activate a good portion of the Etowah Riverfront Walkway, one of our top priorities, and it will create more high quality residential in-fill opportunities in the expanded downtown core. Having more people living, working and playing in Downtown Canton benefits all existing and future businesses. Like other recent projects, Canton is yet again demonstrating its ability to curate quality over quantity when it comes to new development or, in this case, redevelopment. We will continue to move Canton forward while honoring, preserving and readapting all that has made our city special and successful in the past.

In a phone conversation with the developer, Hodge stated that “this time next year, you should see some changes. We are in the process of re-zoning now.”

The Canton design firm, Bunker Design Collaborative, is helping to brand the project to future tenants. Check out the promotional video  for Canton Mills, part of  Canton Forward: Etowah to the Loop, a long term plan for the downtown Canton area.

The Cherokee Tribune reported that in 2017, 17 new businesses and 6 new restaurants opened in the downtown Canton area, and all signs point to that increasing.

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