Canton Casting Call for Families, Swimmers & Pool Players for “Ozark”

Canton’s Blue Cat Lodge is one of the sets for Netflix’s “Ozark” series starring Jason Bateman and Laura Linney. Here is an advance casting call from Tammy Smith Casting.

Booking ahead for “OZARK” for this FRI 10/21 and TUES 10/25 – ALL DAY for each day. You can work both dates or one or the other.  It is filming daytime in Canton on Lake Allatoona.
Please read this one carefully- this is a longer post and there are some key specifics.
Tammy Smith posting specifically on a Sunday not only to get ahead of this scene, but to give people time to post correctly with all of the info needed so we can put this scene together.
We will start sending out bookings tonight around 9pm and continue as needed throughout the week.
CASTING for MEN and WOMEN and KIDS to be tourists at the local Lake Lodge on Lake Allatoona for a Fourth of July fireworks scene outside of the lodge, near the lake on the lawn.

Ozark Netflix
View of “Ozark” set from Lake Allatoona. Photo Credit Scoop OTP

– Ages 18 to 60 Adults
– Ages 6 to 15 Kids
IMPORTANT: KIDS NEED TO BE GOOD SWIMMERS and WILLING TO SWIM IN THE LAKE in the scene, near the shore, etc… kids playing in the water!
Pool /billiards players (you don’t have to be a pro, but you should be able to shoot a decent to better game of pool!)

New Faces or if you worked in any scene that took place in the Ozarks, you can repeat!!

Please EVERYONE (adults) must list their car info (or list “no car”)
List it no matter what color, and we will let you know if we can use it.
We need a few PICK-UP TRUCKS too!

If you are submitting for you and/or your kids, submit all family members TOGETHER in one email.
Please NOTE that although we try, we cannot guarantee that both kids and parents are selected when you submit for both.

We will be asking you to bring lawn chairs and blankets for the scene!

If you are submitting kids ages 6 to 15, please put
“GOOD SWIMMER” under the stats (below) as well (so we know you know this involves potential swimming in the lake). Otherwise we cannot consider them.
————————–IMPORTANT NOTES——————–

Working this FRI 10/21 and TUES 10/25
Both dates or one or the other- ideally both , but we will fill in with people available for one day or the other.

Filming in the Canton/Lake Allatoona area

NOTE: you must be available the ENTIRE day on these dates.
Report times start EARLY in the morning and will shoot ALL DAY!!

Pay rates:
Adults 18 and over: $64 for 8 hrs with OT
Minors Age 6 to 15: $80 for 8 hrs with OT after that
Cars/trucks will be an add’l $25 IF selected
There will also be a $25 swimming bump if applicable.
PLEASE SUBMIT TO:  545780_317583041644095_1487059848_n-1
Put “LAKE SUMMER” in the subject line (if you don’t put this phrase Lake Summer in the subject line, you won’t even be considered!)
(one of from shoulders up and one from the knees up)
Then please List the following:
First and Last NAME
Name of Parent if only submitting for minors.
PHONE NUMBER (s) (If you are local and phone number isn’t, note that!)
CITY & STATE where you live (where you will be coming from!)
Email address
List tattoos if you have them (where, how large, etc..)
MEN: Jacket, collar, sleeve, waist, inseam, shoe
WOMEN: Dress size, bust/bra, waist, shoe
KIDS: Boys/Girls/Teen sizes: Shirts, pants, shoe sizes

LIST your AVAILABILITY UNDER your stats as follows:

If you are submitting for more than one person, please be clear and we ask that you do not submit with complicated availabilities.  It’s one of the 3 options as listed above.
Reminder again: if you are submitting kids ages 6 to 15, please put “GOOD SWIMMER” under the stats as well (so we know you know this involves potential swimming in the lake). Otherwise we cannot consider them.

Repeat but important:
Do NOT just include a photo- car photos are color deceiving.
Do NOT forget the COLOR of the car/truck

You MUST be LOCAL to the GREATER ATLANTA, GEORGIA AREA (or willing to work as a local hire)

Scoop OTP is listing this casting call on behalf of Tammy Smith. Tammy Smith decides who is selected. Friendly reminder, you can not just show up for a casting call.  We need to be respectful of the filming of this series.  Good Luck!

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