Filming to begin at “Blue Cat Lodge” in Canton: Traffic Suggestions

Ozark Netflix
Credit: Scoop OTP

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From Season 1:

The excitement surrounding the announcement of the Netflix series “Ozark” starring Jason Bateman and Laura Linney using Lake Allatoona and the Little River Grill for filming is building in Cherokee county every day. Locals have watched the location be transformed into a hotel and lodge, along with its new name — The Blue Cat Lodge — being built this week.

Signage for "Ozark"
Signage for “Ozark”

Filming is set to begin this Monday, August 8th in Canton at 7 AM.  While we are thrilled that another filming crew is using beautiful Cherokee County for its backdrop, as residents we were immediately cognizant of the traffic implications — especially for our teen drivers who pass this location every day in route to school.

We reached out to Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office Public Relations Officer Lieutenant Jay Baker for the Scoop on what locals can expect regarding traffic around the area. Lt. Baker assured that heavy signage and police cruisers will be on both the north and south side of the Bells Ferry bridge to ensure slower and safer driving during filming. Of course, an alternate route for next week is also a good option to avoid possible traffic build ups and those who may gawk as they drive by!

Ozark Netflix
View of “Ozark” set from Lake Allatoona. Photo credit: Scoop OTP

Cherokee County is a designated “camera ready” community, and that puts some responsibility back on us as citizens to be respectful of their production crews so that Cherokee continues to be selected for films and television. Because of that, information given to the public is minimal, but we will share what we are permitted. Thank you to Lt. Baker for the suggestions, and to the Cherokee Office of Economic Development for your input.

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