There’s a small trailer on the side of McFarland Parkway with a shiny mirrored outside. Bronx Bagels, otherwise known as “BB’s,” sells breakfast and lunch but is well known for their delicious New York bagels. Their restaurant encompasses theNew York City culture of hustle and bustle within Georgia. The employees are fast-paced, constantly hollering orders and maneuvering around in a small space in an organized chaos.

I passed the restaurant regularly and heard great things about it until one day a friend brought me there. When I bit into the bagel for the first time, it was one of those moments where I wondered what have I been missing all my life!

BB's Plain Oven BagelsBB’s has every bagel you can imagine: salt, egg, blueberry, French toast, cheddar, cinnamon raisin, and more. They have unheard of cream cheeses: honey nut, Kit Kat, blueberry, cinnamon raisin walnut, apple cinnamon crunch, sundried tomato, and more.BB's Cream Cheese I got plain with butter, which melts into the thick bagel and every bite is tasty goodness. Their bagels are cooked fresh every day and according to their website this is the winning recipe:

While steaming might be easier and cheaper, there is simply no substitute for bathing the raw bagels in a boiling kettle of water before baking. This contributes to the shiny, golden, chewy crust that NY Bagels are famous for.

The leftovers are charitably donated to places in need such as St. Brendan’s Church, Cumming Home Ministries, and Covenant Christian Academy.

This place is so knit pact that it feels like a community. While standing in the to-go line on a busy Sunday, don’t be surprised if the stranger next to you strikes up friendly conversation about how their day is going. And, even though they always seem to be rushing to get something done, the workers are nice people too. As I’ve become a regular there now, I know about half of the employees by name — they greet me when I come in, and have become friends to me! This restaurant is the first place I want to eat when coming back to my hometown from college.

Article was written by Kennesaw State University freshman Alexis Litsch. If you love an OTP restaurant, send us your review for a chance to be featured on our site! 

Alexis isn’t the only one to love BB’s Bagels. USA Today has voted them one of the best bagel places outside of New York.

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