Artbeat Soundwave: A Unique Gift

Here’s a different article then we normally share, but this “art” is so special and unique…it may be perfect for someone you know or yourself.  We talked with Cindi Dornellas owner of Artbeat Soundwave LLC and let her tell the story below.

“Once upon a time…well, three years ago, my life changed forever.

My husband Scott unexpectedly died from a massive heart attack right in front of me at age 54. He was very healthy.

I started going through every device in our home looking for pictures of Scott and stumbled across voicemails and videos with his voice on them. The impact of those sounds on my heart was astounding, much greater than a still photo.

My youngest daughter, Carly, had a video of her dad laughing. She said if she ever got a tattoo, she’d want a soundwave of his voice.

Christmas came. Everything we had was tied up in probate as he had passed so unexpectedly. I had no access to money for gifts for my girls, so I took Carly’s video of Scott laughing and got to work.

I took the audio clip, created a picture of the soundwave, and added words below it. I added a QR code and it played back his voice. I was floored – it really shook me. I thought it would be robotic, but it was his voice.  This was magic –the very first ArtBeat Soundwave.”


With Soundwave,  you can capture the soundtrack of your life, see your soundtrack and hear the soundtrack.   You can capture the sound of a moment.  A voice message, a piece of music, a heartbeat – they’re as unique as fingerprints. They imprint on your heart.

ArtBeat Soundwave captures that imprint, creating a treasured piece of art combining the visual representation of the sound and the playback of the sound itself. All you have to do is provide the sound. Cindy does the rest. On the front, the visual representation of the soundwave and words. The wow factor and magic of the ArtBeat Soundwave is the QR code that plays the exact recording you provided, when scanned with your phone.  The sound will bring you back to that very moment, that very place in time, that person. Nothing is more personal.

IMAGINE capturing and freezing in time – an ‘I love you’, a baby’s heartbeat, the voice of a loved one who has passed away, a marriage proposal, a child’s laughter or first words…CREATE your own voice message or use one that you already have…. the ideas are endless.

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