Wahlburgers Coming to ATL


Update: As of today, the restaurant is planning to open Thursday, July 6th. Follow them on Facebook for the latest updates.

A burger chain that has become popular in Boston is looking to expand with 6 new locations in the Atlanta area.

Wahlburgers, the famous burger joint that is the collaborative effort of brothers Mark, Donny and Chef Paul Wahlberg. Chef Paul grew up on his Dad’s backyard burgers and making homemade fries. Burgers, along with a few other signature dishes are the core of the Wahlburger’s franchise.

mark-wahlberg-300The company has already committed to a location in Savannah, but no details yet as to where the Atlanta area locations will be. We are hoping that OTP would be a strong contender though for a Wahlburgers….not as much for the food, but more about the possibility of Marky Mark himself coming for a visit, falling in love with the area, and us becoming fast friends. We can dream, right?

Thanks to the AJC for the Scoop about Wahlburgers.

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