Waffle House in Towne Lake Hiring

Have you ever driven by a place and all the sudden a new building is up and a coming soon sign is posted? I drive to Towne Lake all the time and I am pretty aware of new places opening and somehow I completely missed that a new Waffle House was being built on Eagle Drive near McAlister’s Deli and is now hiring.

Meanwhile,  I have personally been waiting for a Waffle House on Sixes Road that should be opening soon, yet they haven’t started construction yet. They did open the Dunkin’ Donuts and the Guthrie’s Chicken is framed out, so I have faith that Waffle House is eventually coming.

If you remember, there was some controversy about a Waffle House going into Downtown Woodstock where the Hot Dog Heaven was previously located.  There is another Waffle House at Exit 8 on Towne Lake Parkway, which is only a few miles from this new location. With two high schools a mile apart, I guess each can claim their own Waffle House!

As far as I am concerned, a Waffle House is always busy and always consistent – so build it and people will come! If you are interested in working at Waffle House, contact Jennifer heath at 678-480-3940.

Waffle House on Eagle Drive next to McAlisters Deli

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