I know you can buy your wine at the grocery store (especially if you’re like me and have to make multiple trips there in one day!).  But when choosing something with so many varieties and factors involved, why not go to someone who really knows what they are talking about? The Oak Barrel has everything you need to make an educated wine purchase.

Located at 4843 N. Main Street in the heart of downtown Acworth, The Oak Barrel offers wine varieties from California, Australia, Chile and Argentina.

What makes the Oak Barrel a superior wine-buying experience than just going to your local grocery store, or even a liquor store, are the Napa Technology Wine Stations. These high-tech wine pourers will let you sample as little as a “taste” to as much as a half or full glass. No more guessing as to what you might like — these ingenious wine stations eliminate any doubts.

Do you and your friends enjoy trying new and different wines? You guys can schedule a private party at The Oak Barrel. The ambiance of a real wine cellar lends itself to a warm atmosphere that is ideal for tasting and sampling. When reserved for a private party, The Oak Barrel also serves snacks that pair perfectly with your wine, so it is a hassle-free event.

Perhaps the best quality that The Oak Barrel offers is having a knowledgeable staff. Jordan McCullers is the manager and the employee we dealt with was Ted.  We are not easy customers, and have lots of questions! All of their staff  is ready and willing to help you make the right choice when it comes to your wine. If you are in the market for a good quality wine, or a wine-related gift, you must check out The Oak Barrel, and tell them Scoop sent you!