The Holler: Meet, Run, Drink


In early 2023,  a tap house, restaurant and retail business called The Holler will open at 301 W. Main St near the Mill of Etowah. According to their Instagram Page, they say they are at the intersection of “I live to run + holy $h*t, I love beer.” The owners are Gordy Faulmann and Jeff Hagadone.

In a conversation with Hagadone, he stated that the house was built in 1931 by the original manager of The Cotton Mill, what is now The Mill on Etowah.  “We are converting the house into an independent running store in the front and a beer and wine garden with a shipping container, short order kitchen in the back.  We are retaining all of the original structure of the house with an emphasis on the historic charm.”


Those who visit the home will be able to order food from a static food truck, craft cocktails, and enjoy a meal with the family, said Faulmann, owner of The Holler. Visitors can eat or drink inside or enjoy the view outside on the home’s 2,000 square foot deck, half of which will be covered. Plus, there will be a garden area too.

This whole concept started after seeing Shoes and Brews in Longmont Colorado. They really want to be an outpost for the community and the outdoors Hadadone said.

The heartbeat of The Holler will be an independent running store with a huge focus on building community around running, walking, hiking, and the outdoors.


We want to be a community outpost of sorts for the Cherokee County outdoors, collaborating with local bike and kayaking outfitters in the downtown and surrounding area.


They will have the top brands in running shoes and apparel and cater to those who are just getting started in their running/walking journey, with three running groups a week to help support, energize, and foster outdoor activity.

They will have 14 craft beers on tap and will focus primarily on the local beer scene and will rotate throughout the year. The wine and craft cocktails will be rotational as well.  They have not solidified the menu, but know they want to have street food, like tacos, sandwiches, grilled cheese.  Very casual affordable fare.

There will be a “beer garden,” where visitors can eat and drink under trees with the kids and pets.

Jeff Hagadone said: This setting was by design. We knew what type of property we wanted and we found it. Surrounded by shade trees, incredible city of Canton views, next door to a creative force like no other in the county. The possibilities are endless. We will strive to be a place for everyone! A destination for outdoor enthusiasts. One that celebrates the city and serves as a heartbeat for the West Main to the Mill region.

Some of this information was from the Cherokee Ledger article this past summer and in a conversation with Jeff Hagadone. You can follow The Holler on Instagram.

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